This autonomous battery-powered sensor measures seawater or estuary pH with accuracy of +/- .0050 and precision of +/-.0025 pH units. The sensor operates through use of a chemical dye reagent- purified meta cresol purple. The dye is sensitive and reactive acidity and measures on the free hydrogen scale. This method is much more reliable than pH electrodes which often experience drift and instability.

Each SAMI2 pH Sensor is validated against a tris standard and is calibration-free.
The sensors are rated up to 600 meter depth and operate in the range -5-35 C
The sensor is able to power up to 3 external 12 devices.* **

Many upgrades including extra battery and biofouling protection are available.**

*Powering other devices may significantly decrease deployment time.
** Contact us for a quote for extras.

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