SeaRobotics specializes in smart vessels that are remotely or autonomously-operated and clients include major military and commercial organizations, US and foreign. SRC’s seasoned marine survey software interfaces with most data acquisition hardware, software and sensing systems.

SeaRobotics produces multi-spectral, DGPS-stamped data for survey, research or surveillance. Sensors include, but are not limited to: Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers [ADCPs], Multi-frequency Side Scan Sonars [SSS], Sub-Bottom Profilers [SBPs], turbidity, conductivity, temperature and depth. Video can be provided from our vessels in various formats. Our sensors include: compass, attitude [roll/pitch] power consumption and other performance measures for general vessel management.

Many of SeaRobotic’s vessels are small, modular, and man-portable, allowing rapid deployment in remote areas or deployment by larger vessels. Command and control systems are user-friendly and compact, allowing backpack mobilization.

Applications range from: bathymetric and hydrographic surveys through coastal, harbor and riverine surveillance.
SeaRobotics expertise in the conceptualization, design, and fabrication of complex remote sensing systems provides the background required to create solutions for the most challenging remote sensing applications. See Case Studies section for examples of our work … which ranges from scientific, multi-spectral,high resolution-mapping of shallow waters through providing state of the art surveillance systems. SeaRobotics is extending the reach of Unmanned Systems Technology.

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